Attention Ladies and Gentlemen: Do You Want to Lose Weight Fast, Blast Off Belly Fat & Make Your Love Handles Disappear so That You Have a Slim Sexy Toned Physique That You Can be Proud of?

Discover How to Accelerate Weight Loss, Incinerate Body Fat & Target Your Problem Areas with Laser Precision to Completely Transform Your Body in Just 8 Short Weeks!

This Brand New Revolutionary Programme Comes With an
8-Phase Rapid Weight Loss Diet, Fat Melting Home & Gym
Workout Plans & Inspiring Life Coaching... & It is
GUARANTEED to produce Speedy Weight Loss
& a Full Body Transformation in Just 56 Days

IMPORTANT: This programme is ONLY for those people absolutely serious about losing weight fast and completely transforming their body. If you are not willing to change your diet, exercise smarter and train your mind then close this web page now. I am not going to lie to you, in order to lose weight fast and transform your physique, you must change your whole lifestyle.

This programme is designed for people who are sick and tired of being overweight and who are looking for a foolproof solution to help them lose weight, improve their health and increase their confidence just like Dean, Sophie, Chris and Chelsea once were.


This programme saved my life. The hardest but definitely the most rewarding thing I have ever done. My life starts again now.

It scares me to think how heavy I would have been now without Shaun’s help. I now look at life in a totally different way. Shaun taught me so much about exercise, nutrition and believing in myself that I will now be able to carry this on for the rest of my life.

I started off at 24 stone 1 pound and during the 8 week programme I lost 42lbs. For this I owe Shaun the world.

I have since carried on the plan and eating healthy and have now lost a total of 91lbs in 25 weeks. I cannot thank Shaun enough for what he does to help people like me. In my case he literally was a life saver. Now I move forward and hope to lose another 4 stone. Shaun’s showed me I am capable of doing this and I will not stop until I have achieved this.

I can honestly say at 26 years old this is the first time in my life I’ve felt good about myself.

Thank you so much Shaun for all of your support. I really couldn’t have done this without you.

Dean Curry


The 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy programme has changed my life in so many ways.

My energy levels have rocketed, my skin is glowing and the weight has dropped off.

One of the biggest differences for me had been with my sleep. I was a frequent sleep walker, once or twice a week. However, since starting the 8 week programme I have slept soundly every night for a solid 8 hours and felt refreshed every morning. Such a massive difference.

I would definitely recommend this programme to everyone!

Sophie Nicolaysen


I always thought it would be impossible to get a six pack but the Lose Weight Fast Academy made it a reality.

I have exercised for years and I have always been in good shape, however, I was looking for a programme to take my results to the next level, which is when I came across the 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy.

I can honestly say the 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy is the best programme I have ever followed. I learnt so much about diet and exercise during the programme as well as seeing an unbelievable transformation in my body. I would recommend this programme to anyone who is looking to lose weight fast and transform their body, as well as those who are looking to learn more about diet and exercise so they can maintain their results for the long term.

I am really happy that I decided to follow this programme. I always thought it would be impossible to get a six pack but the Lose Weight Fast Academy made it far easier than I ever imagined. If I can get a six pack and transform my body then you can do it too.

Chris Smith


I am known as the fad dieter! This was the best and last ‘diet’ I will go on, it was the preparation to a new way of life.

I am known to everyone in my life as the fad dieter!! If there is a new diet I am on it! I have literally tried every diet under the sun and have occasionally lost weight but never kept it off before.

The Lose Weight Fast Academy 8 Week Nutrition Course was recommended to me by a friend and I can say that it is the best and last ‘diet’ I shall be going on. I find it hard to categorise this course as a diet, as to me it was the preparation to a new way of life.

I have now changed my eating habits for the better and shall not be going back!! This is not an easy quick fix, the course was at times hard and I did struggle now and again, however, with the help of Shaun (who you can contact at anytime with questions, etc) and support of the other participants I completed the course and feel absolutely great for it.

Having lost 17lbs I am the lightest I have been in 10 years and I am constantly getting compliments from family and friends about how good I look.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is ready to lose weight and change their life for good.

Chelsea Saldana

Being Overweight is Very Common...

In the UK, 64% of adults are classified as overweight or obese and in the US more than two thirds of the population is considered overweight or obese.

The shocking thing is the number of overweight people in both countries is rising rapidly.

Although it is common, obesity is unnatural and quite simply a disease.

Being overweight increases your chances of heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis and it increases the likelihood of mental health problems such as depression. Scary I know!

People who are overweight tend to have low self-esteem and low confidence. They often feel depressed and lethargic. They may have poor sex lives and overall they generally lead unhappy, unfulfilled lives.

The sad thing is feeling like this is completely avoidable.

Humans are not supposed to be overweight and be full of degenerative disease. Humans are meant to live healthy happy lives at their ideal weight.

If you are overweight, have low self-esteem, lack in confidence, have a poor sex life or are just generally unhappy with the way you look then you can do something about it.

No matter how bad you think your current situation is you can lose weight, you can regain your confidence, you can improve your self-esteem and you can become proud of your body again.

If you really want to lose weight and feel good about yourself, you CAN do it.

I don’t care what you have been led to believe, you are not supposed to be overweight and unhealthy. You are meant to live a healthy life at your ideal weight. In fact you deserve to live a healthy and happy life at your ideal weight where you are full of confidence and feel great about yourself.

It Has Only Been in the Last 100 Years
That Obesity Levels Have Skyrocketed

Up until then humans in general lived happy lives at their ideal weight.

Yes, illness and disease was still around and always has been, but obesity was uncommon.

In the last 100 years, humans have come to know more than they ever have about the human body but at the same time have become the fattest in history.

Many people today simply don’t know what good health feels like.

They have become so used to being overweight, having little to no energy, being full of aches and pains, feeling low and sorry for themselves, having a low sex drive and feeling unhappy that poor health has become the norm.

It really shouldn’t be normal to feel like this when you have the power to make simple changes so you can reach your ideal weight, get rid of aches and pains, wake up every morning full of energy and maintain your high energy levels all day long. Plus, you have the power to make changes so you feel confident and sexy, have a good sex life, sleep like a baby all night long and just generally feel happy.

I bet a lot of people think I am crazy for saying you can feel this good because they have never experienced it before, but this really is how you should feel. This is how you deserve to feel!

You Should Wake Up Every Morning Full of Energy,
Loving Life & Ready to Take on the World

You should feel confident in yourself and you should have a slim toned sexy body.

The good news is that feeling this good and looking this good isn’t as hard as you think and you have the power to make it become a reality.

With the correct nutrition plan, exercise plan and life coaching you can lose weight, tone your body, increase your energy levels, increase your confidence, improve your self-esteem and feel the best you ever have.

Unfortunately in This Day & Age It is Very Easy to Gain
Weight & It Can Seem Like Everything is Against Us
When We Try to Lose Weight

Processed, high carb, high fat foods have never been so accessible.

There are fast food restaurants on practically every street corner.

Supermarkets heavily promote junk food at massive discounts and every other advert on TV is for processed foods.

It is far easier and cheaper to eat processed junk food than it is to eat fresh natural food, plus junk food tastes good and is loaded with high amounts of sugar and chemicals so you crave it and go back for more.

Another Big Problem is That as a Population We Are
the Least Active That We Have Ever Been!

Most people sit at a desk at work all day and then go home and sit on the sofa and watch TV all night.

Our ancestors would be active all day long hunting, gathering food and building shelter whereas today’s society does very little activity and by and large sits on their bum all day.

The less active people are the less activity people want to do which is a vicious cycle that leads to weight gain and poor health.

When you add high stress levels and lack of sleep, which both mess up your hormones, alongside processed high carb high fat foods and a lack of activity it produces a total recipe for weight gain.

No wonder the population is the fattest it has ever been in history!

When it Comes to Trying to Lose Weight People Run into
Even More Problems Than I’ve Already Mentioned!

For example:

  • It’s hard to know who to trust and which weight loss plan to follow.

One minute magazines and the media say you should follow a low fat diet, the next they say you should follow a low carb diet and recently they are saying a high protein diet is bad for you. If every type of diet out there is supposedly bad for you according to the scaremongering media then no wonder it is confusing as to who to trust and which weight loss plan to follow.

  • A big concern is that a lot of diets out there don’t produce results as fast as people would like and the ones which do produce fast results often lead to rapid regaining of weight as soon as you stop the diet.

It is very important you know that eating less food and dramatically cutting calories is impossible to stick to long term. This is because it leads to increased cravings and ravenous hunger. Then once you do increase your calories again you end up gaining the weight back even faster than you lost it. Following a very low calorie diet is definitely not an effective solution to long term weight loss.

  • A lot of weight loss programmes are only either diets or workout programmes.

Very few weight loss programmes combine both nutrition and exercise even though both are needed for a full body transformation. Don’t get me wrong you can lose weight following either nutrition advice or exercise advice but for a complete body transformation you need to follow both a weight loss diet and an effective exercise plan.

  • Another inconvenience is that most exercise programmes for weight loss have you increasing the amount of exercise you do to unrealistic amounts. You already have a busy life working and looking after the kids so how can you fit in 2 or 3 hours exercise every day?

Then even if you do find a programme which works, chances are you don’t have the correct mindset to follow it 100% and you end up cheating on the plan or giving up completely and not seeing the results you want.

If You Really Want to Lose Weight & Keep it Off, You
Must Find a Programme That Addresses
Every Area of Your Lifestyle!

You must find:

  • A programme that addresses your poor eating habits and contains an effective weight loss diet plan that you can stick to without causing increased hunger and cravings
  • A programme that contains an effective fat melting and body toning exercise plan that doesn't take up way too much of your precious free time
  • A programme that focuses on every aspect of your life including sleep and your stress levels as in this day and age you must change your whole life in order to keep your hormones balanced to lose weight
  • A programme that is progressive and has you continuously losing weight without ever hitting the dreaded plateau
  • A programme backed by science that works in the real world and also comes with a full money back guarantee
  • A programme that provides you with a maintenance plan to ensure you don't regain the weight you have lost during the programme
  • But most importantly, you need a programme that trains your mind to ensure you stick to the plan fully and maintain your results for good

You Can Have the Best Diet & Exercise Programme in the
World But Unless You Have the Performance Mindset
to Follow It... It Will Be Useless!

Now before I tell you about a brand new revolutionary programme that contains everything I’ve mentioned above, including: an 8-phase rapid weight loss diet plan, fat melting exercise plan and inspiring mindset coaching, I want to share my story with you.

You see, I may be a personal trainer and well known for being a body transformation specialist, however, I have still had my own weight loss struggles.

All throughout my life I have battled with my weight, but looking on the brightside of this it’s given me the ability to relate to what you are going through when trying to lose weight.

There are a lot of personal trainers out there who have good genetics and have six packs no matter how bad their diet is (yes I know quite a few of these people and I hate the fact they can eat anything and stay ripped), however, just because they look good doesn’t mean they can help you.

From my weight loss experiences throughout my life I know exactly how hard it can be to lose weight and through both my personal experiences and my experiences working with clients, I know exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off.

Here’s an Example of One of My Own Personal
Weight Loss Experiences:

After months of working really hard helping clients to lose weight and going on courses to learn from the best in the industry, I basically forgot to look after myself and I gained a few stone in weight.

At the time, I was working 7 days per week from 6:15am to 10pm Monday to Friday and from 8am to 8pm on weekends and I hadn’t had a single day off in over 6 months.

I was so busy with personal training sessions that I was eating food on the go rather than preparing healthy food. No excuse, I know but I was concentrating so much on helping people I completely forgot about myself.

To be honest I wasn’t eating that bad compared to most people and I was still managing to exercise 3 times per week between personal training sessions but I do gain weight very quickly unless I am 100% spot on with my diet.

It’s not fair that I gain weight very easily but it’s the way my body works so I have to get on with it and work harder than most just to maintain my weight.

When I realised I had gained weight, I was ashamed to be getting really good results with my clients yet at the same time gaining weight myself. It’s not very inspiring to see your personal trainer gradually gain weight so I decided to do something about it.

By this point I was seeing excellent results with my clients by cycling through different nutrition protocols when they hit a plateau and I was offering double your money back weight loss guarantees with my programmes because they were working so well.

So here’s what I decided to do:

I Decided to Put the 8 Best Nutrition Methods I Had
Found in a Specific Order & Do Them
Consecutively for 8 Weeks!

My clients were often hitting a plateau with each protocol after 2 or 3 weeks so I decided to change the protocols weekly in the hope I wouldn’t hit a plateau.

Guess what?

The diet I created worked amazingly as I lost 23lbs in just 8 weeks.


This was the fastest I had ever lost that much weight and I lost the weight gradually throughout the 8 weeks without ever hitting a plateau.

Because the programme worked so well with me and much better than any previous programmes I had tried, I decided to use the exact same programme with some of my personal training clients.

They saw amazing results too, which lead me to create an 8 week transformation programme that I began selling for £2599.

This programme involved an initial goal setting consultation, 4 personal training sessions per week, 1 nutrition consultation per week, 2 life coaching sessions per week, metabolic assessment, biological assessment and private access to me 24/7 via email and text.

After a few months of running this programme and helping dozens of people completely transform their body, I decided that I wanted to help more people with the programme and not just the select few with lots of money so I turned the exact same programme into a live seminar which I ran weekly over an 8 week period.

Here’s How It Worked:

I gave all the information in a weekly seminar and the people would go follow the nutrition and exercise on their own.

Again, this worked brilliantly and I loved that I was able to help even more people, however, I knew deep down that I should be helping even more people and that I should be helping people around the world and not just people in Newcastle.

This is when I had the brilliant idea of transforming the programme into the online programme you see before you today.

Now a lot of online programmes out there are just ideas that sound good on paper but are too hard to follow and people fail to see the results they want.

However, this programme is more than just a good idea, it works absolutely amazingly and produces unbelievable results and this is why it has progressed over the years from being just a programme that helped me lose weight into an online programme that is now transforming the lives of thousands of people across the world.

This online programme is your chance to learn from someone who has appeared on TV, worked with footballers wives, actresses, professional dancers and athletes and who has become regarded as a top weight loss and body transformation coach!

Remember, over the years I’ve had dozens of clients pay £2599 for this exact same programme delivered in person on a one to one basis but now you can get this amazing programme delivered online at just a fraction of the cost.

This revolutionary programme ladies and gentleman is called…

The 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy

The 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy includes nutrition, exercise and life coaching to give you the most advanced and most effective online weight loss program the Internet has to offer.

There are no miracle pills or just-discovered-secrets-that-nobody-else-knows… this is NOT a fad diet.

Here’s what it is – a sound nutrition, exercise and life coaching program based on real world science that works and that includes the expert advice and guidance you need to lose weight fast and keep it off for good.

When you join the Lose Weight Fast Academy you won’t be on your own – you’ll be surrounded by all the help you need to melt bodyfat and get the lean body of your dreams even though this program is delivered over the Internet!

It’s Time to End the Yo-Yo Diet Nightmare!

Far too many people lose a few pounds, then gain it back, lose a few more pounds and then gain it back again.

The 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy is designed to end this cycle so that you can lose weight for good and experience all the benefits that come with that like improved health, increased confidence and a greater overall sense of well-being.

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect to experience when you enrol in the 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy:

  • Lose weight fast without starving yourself
  • Shed body fat from the most stubborn areas including your stomach and love handles
  • Dramatically improve your health
  • Improve your skin and look younger
  • Send your energy skyrocketing (just imagine not feeling exhausted all the time)
  • Stop your cravings
  • Think more clearly
  • Sleep better
  • Improved digestion
  • Be far more productive at work and in life in general
  • Increase your confidence and self esteem
  • Improve your sex life
  • And much, much more!

And Here’s Just Some of What You’ll
Learn in the Academy:

  • How to cut through all the diet misinformation that's out there and focus on the tried and true tips that are guaranteed to help you lose weight faster than you ever thought possible!
  • Why only 5% of dieters succeed and how following our tips and expert advice can ensure that you are one of those lucky 5%!
  • How to increase the effectiveness of your exercise - follow these tips and your body will become a literal fat-burning furnace!
  • How to set weight loss goals and then not only achieve them but exceed them!
  • The truth about how much exercise you really need to lose weight and when you should do it for maximum impact!
  • How to lose weight fast WITHOUT hitting plateaus!
  • Why eating too little food can actually hurt your metabolism and cause you to gain weight!
  • How to send your energy levels skyrocketing!
  • How to avoid the cardinal dieting sins that cause 95% of dieters to fail - follow this advice and you are practically guaranteed to not just reach but exceed your weight loss goals!
  • Why so many people seem to inevitably gain back the weight they lost while dieting and the easy way to GUARANTEE you are not one of them - follow these tips and you can rest assured that all your hard dieting work will not go to waste!
  • How to develop the mindset that will ensure you maintain permanent weight loss. You'll learn goal setting and motivation tactics that will allow you to practically "hypnotise" yourself into succeeding beyond your wildest dreams!
  • And much, much more!

It’s Time to Forget Fad Diets… the 8 Week Lose Weight
Fast Academy Provides You With Weight Loss &
Fitness Advice That Really Works!

It’s time you learned the truth – low-calorie diets DO NOT WORK because if you regularly eat fewer calories your body’s metabolism simply adjusts to burn the reduced amount of calories it’s receiving.

So, in other words, on a low calorie diet you are putting yourself through the torture of starvation for absolutely no reason!

In the Lose Weight Fast Academy, you’ll learn how to eat to improve your health, which is important because weight loss is a by-product of health.

The faster you get healthy, the faster you lose weight!

This is something the weightloss companies don’t want you to know – instead of you getting healthier they would prefer that you continue buying a fad diet, losing a little weight, gaining it back and then buying another fad diet.

All you’re doing is lining their pockets with cash! No wonder the weight loss industry is now producing over £40 billion in profits whilst humans are the fattest they have ever been in history.

Stop wasting your money on diets that don’t work!

Join the 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy and Drop
Those Excess Pounds Just Like These Members Did:


I would recommend this course to anyone who is struggling to lose weight, especially those who are exercising like mad and not seeing results like I was. You really don’t have to kill yourself in the gym to lose weight; it is far easier and more effective to follow the nutrition and lifestyle advice in the 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy.

Having previously been in the army I have always been incredibly fit and my weight has never been an issue. In fact I used to run 10 miles plus every day which helped me to maintain a six pack no matter what I ate. However, after I left the army I done less and less exercise which lead to me gaining weight.

I decided the best way to lose weight and get into shape would be running as this is what helped me maintain a 6 pack in the past. I joined a gym and ran for an hour on the treadmill 5 days per week. To my surprise I lost very little weight for all the effort I was putting in. I was frustrated and began looking for other alternatives which is when I came across the 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy.

I was a bit wary of the programme at first as it meant giving up running for the 8 weeks and instead focusing on my nutrition and lifestyle to lose weight. I decided to give it a go even though I was thinking to myself it is impossible to lose weight unless you run.

The first week went by and I felt great. I was actually eating more food than normal and doing less exercise and I managed to lose 4lbs the first week. This was the same amount of weight I had lost in 3 months running 5 days per week so I was very happy. Over the course of the 8 weeks I managed to lose a total of 16lbs and completely transform my body. I couldn’t believe how simple it was to lose weight and how much easier and more effective it was than spending hours running on the treadmill.

Thank you Shaun for your wonderful advice and support. I really couldn’t have done this without you and your amazing 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy plan.

Ian Steele


I am so pleased with the results and there is no way I would have lost a stone and 4 inches from my waist following any of the plans I have tried before.

I have tried lots of different diets in the past and despite losing some weight I was never happy with the results and still lacked confidence when it came to my body shape.

Having increased my exercise and still not seeing the results I was hoping for I decided to sign up to the 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy programme.

When I first saw the diet plan I was slightly worried… I didn’t know how I would cope without caffeine or pasta as these were staples to my diet. However, I started seeing results straightaway which took my worry away.

Changing the diet each week is great as it helped to keep me motivated. Other diets I have followed in the past are the same all the time and I either get bored or I stop seeing results, whereas, the Lose Weight Fast Academy changes weekly which meant I kept seeing results.

I didn’t once miss the things I used to crave so much, like caffeine or pasta. In fact I have much more energy and feel much better not having them. At the start I thought it would be really hard to give these up but after the first few days I found it easy not having them anymore.

The 8 week programme had both highs and lows but I can honestly say it’s the best thing I have ever done. The constant support and help from Shaun in the Facebook group made the programme a million times easier, thank you very much.



I would recommend the 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy to anybody as a life changing event. Not only have I lost significant weight I have learnt to eat properly and to respect what food can do, not only for you, but to you.

I initially decided to try out Shaun’s 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy as I felt fitness alone was not getting me to my desired weight. I have tried dieting before with mixed success and was looking for something to make an impact and also something permanent.

When I first saw the first week’s menu I had reservations about it and how I would cope with it. Lots of fruit, veg, green tea and 2 litres of water a day were things I was not used to, but I had agreed to do it and the least I could do was see it through to the end.

By the end of the first week I was climbing the walls. All I wanted was a brew and a Kit Kat, but these were on the “no chance” list so I had to drink more green tea instead. I understood I was purging my body of toxins but it was still hard.

After the first week I was so pleased I had made it I was determined to continue and get through it. After the 3rd week I started to lose weight. A few pounds here and a few pounds there. It all started to add up and by the end of the diet I had lost 18 lbs, gone down two jean sizes and lost about 4.5% body fat. This made me feel great!!!

Even though the diet was one of the hardest things I’ve ever attempted, the fact that Shaun supported me every day with advice, Facebook messages and menu choices made me feel like I wasn’t doing it alone.

Happy dieting!!!

Ian Millar

Join the 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy
& Transform Your Body!

The results of the original online test group showed the average weight loss of the 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy was 23 pounds with the lowest weight loss being 14 pounds and the highest being 42 pounds.

In other words, if you follow the program exactly as laid out you will completely transform your body… and who knows you might be the one who sets a new Lose Weight Fast Academy weight loss record!

Ready to Get Started? Here’s What You’ll Get
When You Join Now:

  1. NUTRITION – First and foremost, you will get sound nutritional advice that you can use to lose weight even without exercise!

    The academy’s nutrition plan consists of an 8-phase rapid weight loss diet which is specifically ordered to help members lose weight fast without ever reaching a plateau.

    Each week you get an hour long video teaching you everything you need to know about nutrition to lose weight and keep it off for good. The nutrition presentations cover topics such as detoxification, low carb, metabolic typing, meal cycling, calorie cycling, carb cycling, ketosis and intermittent fasting.

  2. EXERCISE – The academy program also includes two fat melting exercise routines to choose from.

    One routine is a body weight plan that you can do at home in under 30 minutes and the other is a weight training and high intensity interval training plan that you can do at the gym.

    Both plans are progressive and change every two weeks to ensure they overload the body so that you achieve maximum results in minimum time.

  3. LIFE COACHING – You’ll also receive life coaching, which is designed to help ensure your success.

    Basically, you will have 16 tasks to complete, that is two per week. The tasks will train your mind to help you reach your goal simply and easily as well as improve various areas of your life. The Life coaching tasks will help improve your self-esteem, confidence, career and relationships to help transform your life along with your body.

Here’s Even More of What You’ll Get
With This Amazing Program:

  • Meal Planner, Food Lists & Daily Journal- You receive an allowable food list each week along with a meal planner to help you plan your meals and a daily journal to help you keep track. These tools keep the program simple and easy to follow.
  • Metabolic Assessment- The metabolic assessment enables you to customise your diet to your own unique needs in terms of what foods are good for your individual body and in what proportions to eat them to ensure you lose weight fast.
  • Biological Assessment- The biological assessment assesses your hormone levels and how your internal organs are working in order to give you individualised feedback on changes you can make to your diet and supplements you can take to improve your health.
  • Access To The 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy Members Only Facebook Group- Access to this private Facebook group is an invaluable resource. You can ask questions about the programme at anytime and going through the programme at the same time as other likeminded individuals is great for motivation.

As You Can See, the 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy
is More Than a Diet Plan… MUCH, MUCH MORE!

This program isn’t like your typical diet where you follow the plan and then at the end you go back to how you were at the start.

Over the 8 weeks, I teach you everything you need to know about nutrition in order to live the rest of your life at your ideal weight.

I teach you about the principles of nutrition, weight loss, detoxification, carb cycling, intermittent fasting, supplements, how to have cheat meals correctly, exercise for fat loss plus much more.

At the end of the 8 weeks you will have lost a ton of weight, transformed your physique and created your own unique blueprint on what works for you, which you can use to maintain your ideal weight for the rest of your life.

This revolutionary programme is like no other. The unique combination of the 8-phase rapid weight loss diet, fat melting workouts and inspiring life coaching GUARANTEES you super charge weight loss, completely transform your physique whilst improving your whole life. At the end of the 8 week programme you will look, feel and perform like a completely new and improved person.


Thank you so much Shaun for putting together the 8 Week Fat Loss programme – it’s literally been the only thing that has ever worked especially that quick.

In June 2013 I put a halt to exercising after quitting the gym and not replacing it with anything… and suddenly I’m finding myself a stone and a half up by Christmas.

Unbelievable that I lost all of that in 8 weeks on your program.

There is a fitness part of the program which I will admit I didn’t stick to… but as you say Food is about 95% of the fat cause anyway.

I can’t imagine what I would have looked like if I did the exercise!

I’m now only an A cup moob instead of a C cup moob.

Thank you Shaun for helping me feel great again.

Nasser Moffat


Thanks to what I learnt during the 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy I now consider my body (as cheesy as it sounds) as my temple.

In May 2012 I booked to go on a trip around America for a month with my friends at the end of the summer. It was the thought of me being in a bikini which made me question if the body I had was really the body I was happy with. It wasn’t long after this that I found out about Shaun and his Lose Weight Fast Academy 8 Week Nutrition Course.

I signed up with a naive view that I would lose weight then go back to the way my life was before. However, throughout the 8 weeks I learnt so much about my body and what works for me, that I realised I didn’t simply want to go back to the lifestyle that I had, I knew I wanted to change for the long run and be healthier. Thanks to what I learnt during the 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy I now consider my body (as cheesy as it sounds) as my temple. I am the only person who is going to take care of it and I get out of it what I put in.

Throughout the whole process Shaun was the one who taught me all I needed to know and helped me to understand my body so much better than I ever thought I could. Being able to contact Shaun through Facebook whenever I needed a boost or had a question, made this transformation so much easier than if I tried to do it on my own. In fact I know I couldn’t have lost a stone on my own!

Thanks Shaun and the Lose Weight Fast Academy. Thank you for teaching me how to live a healthy life at my ideal weight.

Clare Williamson


I would recommend the 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy to anyone as the best diet I have ever tried. I lost just over 19 pounds in the 8 weeks. But on top of these amazing results this programme has totally changed my lifestyle and my eating habits for good.

After many years of really bad eating and being overweight I decided to join the gym as I was so fed up of how I looked. But no matter how hard I tried exercising and using different diet’s from calorie counting to trying to give up sweets and cakes I struggled to see the results I wanted.

Luckily I came across the 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy.

I was very dubious as I had tried lots of other diets in the past which never really worked, however, right from the start it was totally different from any other plan I had tried. I realised that it’s not just a diet and that it’s a total health plan. The plan is divided into 3 parts; diet, fitness and life coaching tasks. Because of the great way it is designed I instantly felt confident that it would work.

Another great thing about the programme is the way it is presented. You get access to weekly videos explaining everything about diet and exercise and all of Shaun’s information is backed up with facts and scientific studies. I would recommend to anyone who is going on the plan that they watch the videos in full as they have very good information in them and it makes the plan easier knowing exactly why you are doing everything.There is so much detail that every last thing is planned for you from suggested foods to meal planners.

Thank you so much Shaun for such a fantastic plan.

Keith Wood


I lost 15lbs, 6.5% body fat, and 4 inches off my hips. The results have made me feel far more confident in myself. I would recommend the 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy to anyone wanting to lose weight and anyone who, like me, had struggled before as it proves it can be done!

Having struggled to lose weight despite diets and exercise, I had thought losing weight wasn’t possible for me. Over the last few years I have seen my weight creep up, and whilst I wasn’t hugely overweight I was still unhappy with my body and self conscious, particularly in work clothes – so much so that I found it would distract me from work. Frustrated with the lack of progress despite a healthy diet and regular exercise I joined up to the 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy with the intention of losing at least half a stone.

Initially I thought following the 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy diet plan would be tough, but it was much easier than I had expected. I thought that I would never be able to cut out caffeine but after the first few days I found I didn’t miss it and actually had more energy; even now I’ve finished the program I haven’t gone back to my old ways. I found the foods easy to stick to and after the first few days didn’t even want to look at any of the unhealthy food that I thought I would be craving. I found that the change in plan every week kept me motivated and made it easier to stick to, as did seeing results from the very first week! Looking forward to cheat meals definitely helped keep me going, as did having the support and direction from Shaun. I have also learned which foods suit me and which help or hinder my weight loss, which I didn’t expect so that was another bonus.

I would recommend the 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy to anyone wanting to lose weight and anyone who, like me, had struggled before as it proves it can be done!

Sophie Wilcox


Thanks Shaun and the Lose Weight Fast Academy, you’ve managed to do something many other experts and books have not been able to – give me a working blueprint of how to lose weight, and encourage me to eat healthily for the long term.

As most people of my age and weight have, I’ve tried quite a few diets in the past but have never really gotten anywhere because they were either too complicated, or the results were too slow for the time and effort needed. One or two were highly effective, resulting in quick weight loss, but were so hard to stick to I inevitably gave up. However, Shaun told me that his 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy wouldn’t be too painful to stick to and the foods involved were pretty standard things, so I thought I’d give it a go and see what happened.

I set myself an ambitious goal of losing a couple of stone over the 8 weeks – it seemed like a challenging but achievable goal, and would take me to the lowest weight I’d ever been my entire adult life.

I remember attending the first presentation, nervous about what I’d let myself in for, but when Shaun told me what and when I could eat for the first week, I thought to myself “is that it?!” – It just seemed too easy, a thought I had many times over the 8 weeks when subsequent week’s meal plans were emailed out. Suffice to say, I found the 8 weeks a lot easier than I thought I would. Not as easy as going to the local McDonalds obviously, but certainly much easier than most diets I’ve tried. Just from the types of food I was eating, I felt noticeably healthier within the 1st week, but when I had to buy myself a new suit to wear for work at the 4 week mark, that’s when I really thought I might actually hit my 2 stone goal!

I remember my excitement in week 5 when I was allowed my first cheat meal – mmm, takeaway pizza! I also remember my surprise at how difficult it was to eat and how it didn’t taste as good as I was expecting. I guess I had grown to actually favour healthy food over rubbish without realising it!

Anyway, the 8 weeks flew by and in the end I lost 28 pounds and 6.3% body fat. Chuffed does not come close to describing how I feel about reaching my 2 stone weight loss goal! Even ignoring the raw numbers, I feel much healthier than I did only a couple of months ago, and that matters far more to me than what the scales say.

I would recommend the Lose Weight Fast Academy to anybody, regardless of their past successes and failures with dieting. I’m going to go through it again, or at least stick to the principles of it, and try to lose a bit more whilst allowing myself the occasional beer or curry!. It turns out eating healthily isn’t as hard as I thought it was!

James Robson

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I am extremely confident in my 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy programme and I know that if you follow it exactly as laid out you will lose a tremendous amount of weight.

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The 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy presents an easy-to-follow, easy-to-stick-to, truly healthy approach to eating and fitness that eliminates the complexity of many popular fad diets as well as their tendency to leave dieters wanting more!

This interactive course delivers all of the tools you need to start eating healthier and dramatically improve your health whilst losing a ton of weight.

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  • 8-Phase Rapid Weight Loss Diet
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Shaun McGill

Personal Trainer, Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor and Life Coach

CEO and Creator of the Lose Weight Fast Academy

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P.P.S Have a question? Check the answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

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NOTE: The 8 Week Lose Weight Fast Academy programme content is contained in a membership website and contains e-manuals, videos and audio files. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to the membership website (no waiting or shipping costs!). The format for all manuals, journals, checklists, etc, is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.