Shaun McGill

Shaun has over 8 years’ experience working as a personal trainer and life coach within the health and fitness industry and has helped 100s of clients lose weight and transform their bodies. Shaun specialises in weight loss and has worked with everyone from actresses and footballers wives to busy doctors, CEO’s and stay at home mum’s.

Shaun has even worked as a weight loss consultant for a TV show through his reputation as a top class body transformation specialist. Shaun has a real passion for learning and helping people which is what lead him to travelling the globe to learn from the best in the industry and spending over £30,000 acquiring a whole host of qualifications along the way. The knowledge and experience Shaun has amassed in 8 years working with a wide variety of clients and learning from the best in the industry is what persuaded him to set up the Lose Weight Fast Academy so he could pass on his knowledge and help even more people to lose weight. Shaun has set his sights on helping thousands of people to lose weight, transform their bodies and live happier lives through his Lose Weight Fast academy.


Football, athletics, tennis, weight training, learning about exercise, nutrition and mindset

Favourite film

Taken, Fast 5, Gladiator, The Hangover Trilogy (makes me feel slightly better about my hangovers), How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (I’m not afraid to admit I like the odd chick flick)

Favourite book

7 Habits Of Highly Effective People (highly recommend you read this if you haven’t)

Favourite body part to train


Favourite exercise

Double kettlebell snatch or double kettlebell split snatch and of course bench pressing

Favourite healthy meal

Steak with broccoli, carrots and red cabbage or a banana omelette

Favourite cheat meal

Burger and chips followed by a bar of chocolate

Biggest influence in the fitness industry

Dax Moy, Phil Richards, John Hardy

Person you look up to the most

My parents

Mum - She is the most caring, thoughtful and bravest person I know living with slipped discs and sciatica for over 20 years and still puts everyone else first. She will do anything for anyone even if it means going through pain herself to help them.

Dad – Hardest working and most generous person I know. Without his support I wouldn’t be where I am today.